She’s Mercedes

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She’s Mercedes
Mercedes-Benz stands for the best or nothing – a notion that was originally embodied by visionary automotive pioneer Bertha Benz, Karl Benz’s wife. She’s Mercedes is all about women who strive to achieve success in all aspects of their life.

Every success story is unique, but striving to excel is a trait all successful women share. But what is success? We believe it cannot be reduced to one aspect alone, but is far more an intelligent and balanced interplay of personal and professional fulfillment. The will to shape and define our own path is the driving force behind our modern concept of success.

She’s Mercedes

Charlene Pangandian

For our first installment of She’s Mercedes @MBDTYYC, we have our own Charlene Pangandian. Charlene moved to Calgary in 2018 from Eastern Canada (Montreal & Ottawa) with her 2 children. She experienced tremendous success for over 10 years in the luxury automotive sector. Her primary focus has been in Customer Relations and Business Development.

Charlene’s current position with Mercedes-Benz Downtown Calgary is as the Business Development Manager. She focuses on keeping our current customers aware of all opportunities available for their Mercedes-Benz.

She’s Mercedes Charlene

With a proven track record of exceeding sales targets and portfolio retention growth Including receiving the Mercedes-Benz Global Customer Experience Reward (2016), Charlene is the ideal person for this role.

She is multi-lingual in English, French and Tagalog. When not at work or with her family, Charlene loves to travel and follow F1 events and loves to go to the F1 races. Her favorite Mercedes-Benz is the Mercedes-AMG® CLS, which was created to attract success-oriented / female executives. When someone see’s the CLS, they look to see who is driving it and will be inspired to succeed. Picturing Charlene driving that car now.

We look forward to even more from Charlene. Stay tuned…

She’s Mercedes Charlene Photo

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If you want to learn more about She’s Mercedes, please check out the Mercedes-Benz Canada site.

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