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Safe Sales and Service – Taking Care of Each Other
When COVID-19 hit Canada, we had to find a way to provide Safe Sales and Service to all of our customers. Canadians had to change the way they lived their lives. Our dealership had to adjust as well.

Automotive dealerships were declared an essential service, so we had to decide how we could conduct business. Our number one priority was to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. We immediately reduced our staffing levels to ensure we were inline with the government’s maximum quota for people in a business. We reduced our hours and had our sales consultants work from home, only coming in for appointments. We’ve always ensured our dealership was very hygienic, but we had to increase the amount and level of cleanliness. We implemented screening questions for anyone who would come into our facilities, provided hand sanitizer, gloves and ensured safe physical distancing at all times.

Safe Sales and Service Greeting
Safe Sales and Service Greeting

Our customers were calling and emailing to discuss many things, including deferring payments on their vehicle loans, as well as what safety measures we were taking.

Safe Sales and Service – Taking Care of Each Other has been and always will be in the forefront of everything we do. Our customers and staff need to believe that every time they interact with us, that their welfare is paramount to us.

The measures we have taken included but were not limited to: Reduced Hours, Constant Cleaning of all customer and staff touch points, limiting the number of people in the building, safe greetings with staff wearing gloves and having shields at their work stations, receiving customer keys in plastic bags, physical distancing markers on the floor, paperless transactions, pick-up and delivery, shuttle vans with only 1 driver and 1 customer at a time, safe distance waiting areas, and so much more.

Safe Sales and Service Work
Safe Sales and Service Work

Our MBDTYYC team is a multiple award-winning dealership, including winning the most coveted Mercedes-Benz Canada “Star Dealer of the Year” for 3 of the past 5 years. We once again showed why we have won so many awards – Our high level of customer service. Our number 1 goal has and always will be to provide the best service any one could expect and usually we exceed their expectations.

Thank you to all of our staff, families and our customers for ensuring the safety of all.

Please call us at 403.232.6401 to learn about all we are doing to provide safe sales and service.

To learn more about what we are doing in our Service Department – Check out our Safe Service page.

To learn more about what Mercedes-Benz Canada is doing or for support, please go to the MB Canada Site. If you require assistance with your current Mercedes-Benz loan, please call 1.888.532.7362 for Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

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