“S” is for Safety – The new 2021 S S-Class

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“Innovation by Intelligence”  This is the term that Mercedes-Benz is well known for.  The S-Class is the flagship for Mercedes-Benz and where you will find the newest and best innovations.

5 Cool Tech Features Rolling into the Next Mercedes S-Class:
1 – Airbags for Rear-Seat Passengers
2 – Rear-Axle Steering
3 – Active Blind Spot Assist
4 – E-Active Body Control
5 – Pre-Safe Impulse Side

Key Features:

Biometric Authentication and Profiles

•Profiles are now created within Mercedes me connect, not locally within the vehicle

•Profiles can house customized information for approximately 800 different parameters within vehicle
•Up to 7 different profiles possible

•Three forms of authentication: PIN entry, fingerprint, or voice (facial recognition also available with 3D Instrument Cluster)
•Fingerprint-based authentication is both user-friendly and safe
•If a customer forgets their PIN, a reset is possible (with MercedesME account set up)

Advanced Voice Control with MBUX

•Now more advanced and intuitive Linguatronicoperation (Controlling vehicle functions by voice.) thanks to Natural Language Understanding (NLU), allowing for a more natural dialogue
•Many commands no longer need the wake words “Hey Mercedes” because the system is now more able to handle indirect speech prompts
•Voice assistant covers commands such as: address and POI input, calling contacts, searching a radio station or other connected media, controlling vehicle functions, messaging, and asking for the weather forecast and news
•Encourage customers to speak clearly when interacting with the system

Seat Adjustment

•Now touch-sensitive (apply pressure); components no longer move
•With touch controls, customer is able to control the speed of adjustment for each part of the seat
•Light press on each section of control = slower movement; stronger press = more rapid adjustment
•Allows customers to fine-tune their seating position for optimal comfort and safety
•Control panel for seat memory and seat heating is now combined for a more streamlined look

Vent Operation

•Vents work via a toggle button with four levels of air flow
•Each pair of vents can be vertically and horizontally adjusted using the outer fin
•Inside vent can only be adjusted horizontally and only together with the outer vent (all movement is connected)
•Customers may need extra instruction on how to use the air volume toggle and that the inner vent handle is not functional
Toggle Button

Seamless Door Handles

•Paired to work seamlessly with KEYLESS GO®
•Electrically extend when the driver approaches the vehicle or when the outer surface of the door handle is touched
•To open door, pull handle slightly; electric motors will assist
•Retract to lay flush with the door when travelling
•Capacitive sensors on handle address the following functions: unlocking the vehicle, locking and comfort closing, and requesting a retracted door handle
•For safety, door handles are programmed to extend in the case of an accident

Replacing Key Fob Battery

Key fob battery is easy to access and replace quickly
•Remove emergency key from vehicle key
•Carefully insert emergency key into slot #2 until the cover unlocks
•Insert emergency key into slot #3 to unclip the key back from the key front
•Tap key against your palm until the battery falls out

Wireless Smartphone Integration

•Wirelessly integrate smartphone to utilize functions such as navigation and music, cordlessly
•One phone can be paired to the system
•Phone requirements:
•Apple Carplay: iOS 9 or higher
•Android Auto: Android 11 or higher
•2 methods to integrate smartphone wirelessly:
•Utilize wireless charging and connect via NFC
•Connect via Bluetooth®

Fully-active E-Active Body Control suspension (Option):

The level of effort the system puts into maximizing comfort depends on the drive mode selected. It employs no fewer than five processors and more than 20 sensors to do its thing, plus a stereo camera. Among the tricks it performs, it will anticipate bumps – even tiny imperfections as small as 2 mm – up ahead that the vehicle has yet to run over and adjust accordingly. As well, when in Curve mode it has the vehicle lean into corners for a more stable ride.

The air springs take the load of the vehicle and keep thing on the level while the active dampers, which are connected to a motor/pump by hydraulic lines, use a 48-volt architecture to change the damping forces and ride height.

It does this by changing the damping and spring forces at each wheel individually. This not only counters unwanted body roll, it takes care of lift under acceleration and pitch when braking.

With five processors, more than 20 sensors, and a stereo camera, the optional E-Active Body Control suspension responds predicatively to different driving situations — it looks at things 1000 times per second and adjusts the settings to suit. For example, in Comfort mode, the Road Surface Scan uses a stereo camera to “look” at the road ahead and then uses this information to ready the suspension for a bump that is coming. The system is so sensitive it can detect a change in the road as small as two millimeters! In Curve mode, the S-Class actively leans into the corner, which, says Mercedes-Benz, reduces the risk of a queasy passenger.

It also plays a key role in improving side impact safety. Pre-Safe has a new extension called Impulse Side — side-mounted radars have the ability to track and recognize a potential side impact at an early stage. When a side impact is deemed imminent, the vehicle is raised 80 millimeters by the active E-Active Body Control suspension; it does this in just tenths of a second. This lift action moves the impact zone lower down and closer to the side-sill, which is the strongest part of the car. The result is significantly less intrusion into the passenger safety cell.

This side impact ability will be augmented by a new center airbag. During a severe side impact, this airbag deploys between the driver and front passenger to reduce the risk of them cracking heads. As this point, the Canadian roll-out of this feature is being finalized. The two outboard rear riders also get more protection in the form of the world’s first frontal airbag system in a back seat application — it does the same thing for the rear-seat riders as the front airbags do to protect the front-seat riders in the event of a head-on impact.

The same system also serves to enhance side impact safety, according to Mercedes. Radar sensors mounted on the vehicle’s sides can sense an imminent collision and quickly (in just 1/10th of a second) raise the vehicle by 80 mm, lowering the point of contact to a stronger section of the vehicle, the side-sill.

Passenger safety is further enhanced by the presence of a new center airbag, which in the event of an impact deploys in the space between the driver and front passenger – essentially to protect those two occupants from each other. In addition, the S-Class will benefit from the world’s first frontal airbag system designed for the rear row.

Four-Wheel Steering System:

The S-Class sedan will be equipped with a 4-wheel steering system that uses a 48-volt battery and adjusts according to speed and steering angle. Slower speeds mean the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction to the front ones, while at higher speeds they all turn in the same direction for better stability and turn-in response when changing lanes. Perhaps the niftiest part of this system, however, is that during parking maneuvers, the turning circle is reduced by two meters. Basically, that makes the S-Class as maneuverable as the C-Class compact.

48-volt-based four-wheel steering system — as with the suspension, the use of 48 volts does not make it hard to draw the line between these two add-ons and a powertrain with a 48-volt mild-hybrid system. As for the four-wheel steering, it bases its operation on vehicle speed and steering angle.
At higher speeds, the rear wheels are turned in the same direction as the front wheels to improve high-speed stability and the turn-in response during a lane change. At speeds below 60 km/h, the rear wheels are turned in the opposite direction as the front wheels. When at parking speeds the rear wheels can be turned up to 10 degrees, which cuts the turning circle by two meters — for the long wheelbase S-Class, this means a turning circle of around 11 meters, which puts in on par with the compact C-Class at 11.2 meters.

Advanced exit warning feature :

The MBUX infotainment system has been updated, and now includes an improved exit warning feature which senses when a hand nears a door handle and emits visual and sound warnings if there are obstructions outside.

It tells the front seat occupants when it’s unsafe to open the door — the MBUX infotainment system recognizes when a hand approaches the door handle and gives visual warnings through the red blind-spot monitoring triangles in the door mirrors and the active ambient lighting. If the rider continues to open the door, an audible warning is sounded.

360-degree, 3D camera view of the vehicle’s surroundings. It used four separate cameras to create a composite image, displayed on the central screen. The image can be rotated by the user, and zooming in is possible as well.

Four individual cameras (front, rear and both sides) blend their images into a 360-degree three-dimensional view of the vehicle’s surroundings. The scene is shown in the central display. The driver has the option of rotating the view and it has a zoom function.

Self-parking feature:

The self-parking feature can, for the first time, use the lines defining a parking space to park the car. Previously, it used other cars to define the available space. When the system is engaged it has an automatic braking function. It will stop the S-Class if the driver takes no action to avoid a pedestrian or vehicle passing in front of or behind it.

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