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The GLB 250 4MATIC® SUV fits so much into such a compact package. Seating for 5 or 7. Rugged in all the right places, with looks to match. So intelligent it can carry on a conversation, and do everything (almost) that you need. And all from a starting price of $43,990.

The X247 GLB-Class uses the same front-wheel-drive MFA2 platform as the W177 A-Class and the H247 GLA-Class, but the wheelbase is 10 cm longer to give it extra practicality. The result is that at 4.63 metres, it is only 22mm shorter than a X253 GLC-Class.

Glb 250 Front Profile Mercedes-Benz Downtown Calgary

The 2.0L inline-4 turbo engine delivers 221 hp @5,500 rpm and 258 lb-ft Torque @1,800-4,000 rpm. This propels the GLB 250 4MATIC® SUV to 100 km/r in 6.9 seconds.

The 8G-DCT 8-speed delivers an amazing driving experience, maximizing shifts and performance in all situations.

With up to 1,805 Litres of cargo capacity, you don’t have to leave anyone or anything at home, including the kitchen sink.

Mercedes-Benz has the 4MATIC® all-wheel drive, which is variable and offers unparalleled stability.

Glb 250 Front Dash Mercedes-Benz Downtown Calgary

If you like how the GLB looks, you’ll love how it listens. The Mercedes-Benz User Experience is your own in-car personal assistant. Just say what you want, and your wish is literally your GLB’s command. MBUX can quietly respond to your touch, too.

Next-generation options help smooth any journey: Change lanes with a tap of a turn signal. Park hands-free. Adaptive cruise can help steer, stop-and-go in traffic, even slow for an offramp. Advanced tech can even help “cover your ears” before a crash.

Mercedes me connect makes ownership easy. Access Remote Start or Lock/Unlock, see your vehicle status, or schedule service, all from your phone. Add in-car WiFi for a low monthly rate. Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto are available, too.

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As always, the best way to learn more about the GLB 250 4MATIC® SUV is to speak with one of our Sales Professionals. Please call us at 403.232.6400 or email [email protected]

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