Buying a Mercedes-Benz in 2020

November 13th, 2020 by

Buying a Mercedes-Benz in 2020

Buying a Mercedes-Benz in 2020 became very different than it has in the past. People had already shifted towards doing as much research as they can online, but now they are doing even more online. Long before our phone rings, our smartphones ping or the email comes in, people have done so much more than in the past.

The top things people do online before ever contacting us include, but aren’t limited to the following.

Vehicle Research.

What Makes, models, options, etc. does someone want in their next vehicle.

Manufacturer site.

Once someone selects the vehicle, they like the best, in most cases their next stop is to go to the manufacturer site and learn much more about their choice.

Vehicle Review site.

A person can love the looks, style, and more about a vehicle, but they will more often than not go to an independent vehicle review site or YouTube to learn more about how good their choice is. Once upon a time a sales consultant would validate a person’s choice of vehicle, but now people want to ensure their chosen vehicle is up to their own personal discerning standards.

Build and Price the vehicle of choice.

Once a person decides on the make and model, they will go to the manufacturer or dealer site and build out their chosen vehicle with all the options they want.

How much is their current vehicle worth. Tools like the Instant Cash Offer by AutoTRADER, the Black Book site and even dealership sites can give people a very good idea of how much their vehicle is worth.

Dealership Research.

Which dealership has the highest Google rating, best customer service (sales and service) and has the desired vehicle.

Find my vehicle.

Once a person has decided on the exact make and model with all the options they desire, their final step after researching the vehicle and dealerships in the area, they need to find the vehicle. People will search 3rd party listing sites, dealer sites and more, but normally they will go to their Search Engine of choice and search. A very popular choice at this point is to search “Mercedes-Benz Calgary”.

In many cases this is when they will come across Mercedes-Benz Downtown Calgary and click, call, text, email or just show up. So, instead of knowing where a dealership is and dropping by to do all the above, the process has changed and customers go through so much more nowadays when buying a Mercedes-Benz in 2020.

Fortunately for Mercedes-Benz Downtown Calgary (yes… us), we have been in business for 30+ years and our clients know where we are, how we do business, about all the awards we have won for customer service and sales and just drive straight here without doing all of the above.

Whichever way you choose to start and end your process, we hope that you will eventually come to our dealership and experience the high level of service we have been providing for many years. Mercedes-Benz Downtown Calgary – Star Dealer of the Year for 2020.

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