Build your Mercedes-Benz

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Build your Mercedes-Benz
What is the best way to build your Mercedes-Benz? You can go from dealership to dealership site, the Manufacturer site or to third party sites. You can read reviews. You can ask your dentist about hers. You can go from dealership to dealership and speak with every salesperson in the province.

We think the best way to build your Mercedes-Benz is to call us for an appointment. We have sales consultants with over 25 years Mercedes-Benz experience and training. There is no dealership in the province with the amount of experience and product knowledge with Mercedes-Benz than here at Mercedes-Benz Downtown Calgary.

We have won the Star Dealer of the Year 3 of the last 5 years. Do you know what the “Star Dealer of the Year” is all about? It is awarded to the dealership that not only meets or exceeds its sales targets, but more importantly meets and exceeds Mercedes-Benz’s high level of customer experience standards.

Mercedes-Benz Downtown Calgary

Your Lifestyle

One of the most important questions we will ask you is “How does this Mercedes-Benz fit into your lifestyle?” Have you thought of this yet? Many people will look at the big Star on the front of a Mercedes-Benz and immediately become enamored and want that vehicle. But, we have so many models and variations in ever model.

Here’s some of our most popular questions you may want to ask yourself before starting your shopping:

1 – How many people do you normally have in the vehicle. If you have a family of 5 and are in the vehicle more than 25% of the time, than a 2-door roadster may not be ideal for you.

2 – What is the primary use for the vehicle. Is it just for you to drive to and from work and maybe only the odd passenger? Or, do you have a family of 5 and love to go hiking on the weekends, etc.

3 – What kind of driving do you do? Are you driving through Calgary from one side of downtown to the other? Do you drive into Calgary from Cochrane and may end up spending a lot of time on the highways?

After you have answered some important lifestyle questions, you will then want to start comparing the Mercedes-Benz vehicles to determine which is the best fit.


Compare Vehicles

Do you know all of the possible Mercedes-Benz models? Do you know the differences between model lines? Do you know all the possible options and accessories?

You have 2 amazing options to begin comparing models to decide which works best for you.

1 – Quick start – Stay on our site and go to the Model overview page – and start looking around. You may also go to Mercedes-Benz Canada’s site – and use their sophisticated model comparison tool. Compare up to 3 vehicles at once to see all their specifications and all the differences between your top choices.

2 – Deep dive – Call us at 403.232.6400 or email [email protected] and book your own personal guest experience with one of our Sales & Leasing professionals. When Mercedes-Benz refers to a consultant, they mean just that. A consultant is someone with the requisite knowledge and concern for their client’s best interests that they draw on years of experience and insight in order to provide the best possible solution. When people come to see us, they want a Mercedes-Benz. But, in essence they are looking for a solution. A Mercedes-Benz is an incredible vehicle and we will have one that will be the solution to all your automotive needs. Give us an opportunity to assist you.

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